We create fundamental lifestyle learning products. Each with a social mission.

Culturally connected learning

Accessible online learning from language to professional development, testing and beyond.


Free and unlimited access to our library of resources for charities, nonprofits and public libraries.

Multi-format learning

Convenient, flexible, and essential: content is delivered through video and apps

Whatever your goals are, we think you’ll love our solutions. But what about people who are suffering some of the greatest struggles in our world:
Poverty | Inequality | Intolerance | Lack of opportunity

People for whom learning a language could make the difference in relocating to a safer home, or learning a skill that can help them provide stability for their family.

That’s why with your help, and through our partner network, we are giving people the opportunity to build a better future, free of the barriers that can hold back, whatever the circumstance.

Our Solutions

Our combination of learning platforms, apps and online-based software connects learners to a world of knowledge and cultures for accessible and sustainable global education.


A language testing platform with CEFR and ACTFL mapping to help you or your employer gauge your level. Complete a practical test online and earn a certificate. With your support, Testyourlanguage.com provides further education tuition subsidies for deserving individuals.

career project

The Career Project helps individuals to choose a career that fits their personality, skills and interests. Learn about different careers with our in-depth Career Guides, take a career-oriented personality test and learn how to sharpen up your skill sets.

This training will in effect increase my chances of gaining employment in any hotel in Ghana and the world at large. It will contribute significantly to my success in life, making my story even more inspiring to share. I believe this is the best opportunity for me to gain international training in the hospitality industry. So far, such trainings are highly ranked locally and have proven to be more thorough and holistic.

Claudia Quarcoo, married with 2 children from Ghana

LearningOnline is one of the most excellent learning platforms I have ever come across. Its very concise and highly comprehensive in its approach. One of my favorite lessons on LearningOnline is on how to handle a difficult customer using all the modules provided.

Nancy Owusuaa, 25 years old from Wamfie

I now fully understand what soft skills are all about. The different topics and modules of study have added to my knowledge scope. The practical aspect has made my everyday interactions fun, because it has both consciously and unconsciously improved my interpersonal skills. Thank you so much Learningonline because I learned to become an active listener and that has boosted my communication skills and increased my self-esteem.

Brenda Dzidzor Eleblu, 27 years old from Accra