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09 Dec How to Use Grammar and Spell Checker Apps More Effectively

Your grammar and spelling can considerably affect your authority as a writer and detract from your paper’s readability and value. If you want your document to read smoothly and convey your ideas in the most effective manner, it’s a great idea to take advantage of spell checking tools. But how to ensure that the spell checking software you’re using caters to your specific writing needs? How to get the most out of grammar and spell checkers and enhance your writing? Let’s find out right now.

1- Double-Check

Spell checkers are dedicated tools specifically designed to improve the structure, grammar, punctuation, style, and flow of your papers. Spell checkers become indispensable helpers when it comes to checking your writing and catching tricky mistakes. What’s more, the tools in question can automatically correct errors and thus save you a lot of time and energy you would otherwise spend on detecting and manually fixing them.

That being said, you shouldn’t wholeheartedly and unconditionally rely on the power of spell checking software. There are times when grammar-checking tools may not recognize some particular words and deem them as misspelled or out of place. There are also times when you need to intentionally misspell this or that word (for instance, when citing Donald Trump’s notorious ‘covfefe’ typo.)

So, it’s a good idea to double-check all phrases and words your checker has flagged or corrected automatically to make sure everything is just as it’s intended to be.

2- Replenish Default Dictionary

If you’re using word-processing programs with integrated spell checkers, make sure to add new words to the custom dictionaries. With the language undergoing substantial changes from day to day, lots of default spell checkers simply cannot keep up with the ever-changing grammar and spelling rules. Hundreds of new words enter the language you’re using, and so many more are being invented every day.

If you don’t update your spell-checking programs regularly or just want to make sure that your spell checker is smart enough to detect even the trickiest of mistakes in neologisms or borrowings, make it your rule to replenish the custom dictionary at every opportunity.

3- Use online tools

Using online grammar and spell checking apps is the surest way to safeguard yourself from pesky types, poor writing style, and grammar errors. Currently, the market is teeming with robust checkers, both paid and free, that utilize sophisticated algorithms and the latest technologies to help you catch and fix errors in writing.

Among the most popular and time-tested tools are Grammarly, Hemingway App, Spell Checker.net, Scrivener, and Ginger. You can copy and paste your documents or upload them directly to a chosen app. Such tools as Grammarly can be integrated into your browser and used for checking emails, posts, and instant messages. It’s very convenient and safe.

4- Disable When Necessary

Some writers take important challenges to enhance their skills. They find it useful to disable spell-checkers from time to time to test their grammar aptness and hone spelling skills. Disabling spell checkers also can be a good idea when you’re practicing freewriting, a handy writing strategy that helps you splash your thoughts, ideas, and speculations on papers without giving much consideration to style, mechanics, and grammar.

Freewriting can go a long way in helping you tap into your creative potential and muster up all your inspiration to generate a truly engaging piece of writing. And being distracted by highlighted and flagged phrases is the last thing you want when inspiration strikes. Don’t hesitate to disable a spell checker if the need arises. Once you’re finished writing, you can enable it again to spot and correct the mistakes you might make.

5- Use More than One Spell Checker

Even the best spell checkers and text editors are not immune to errors and technical issues. To get the best result possible, you may want to use several spell checkers simultaneously to ensure no error has remained unnoticed in your text. Once you check your document with one checker, use another one to see if it detects something new.

pell checkers should in no way be considered as a panacea for your spelling and grammar ills. Still, they are effective tools wherewith you can instantly spruce up your writing and make it more informative and engaging. Follow our simple recommendations to make the most of these tools and become a more eloquent and successful writer.