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24 May What is Blockchain?

We’ve all heard the buzz about Bitcoin but how much do you really know about Bitcoin? Did you know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are built on Blockchain technology? Blockchain is intended to add an extra level of security via a P2P network, which means the...

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10 Mar The Best Cities to Visit in March

As the weather prepares to turn into spring, it is in our nature to be ready for a change. Exploring other cultures and the world is incredibly rewarding and is the best way to grow as human beings. The choice of places to visit this time of year is very exciting and varied.  Here is our list!
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10 Mar Why Is Testing My Language Important?

There is no denying that we live in a diverse and multicultural world and that we are all connected and share a home, our planet. Speaking at least one other language is no longer a luxury or a hobby. It is essential to many life situations and careers. If you work at a hotel, as a nurse, at an airport, for an airline, as an online content developer, as a translator/interpreter, or as an Uber driver, you have most likely been in situations where your other language (s) proved very useful.
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