Empowering people through education has always been at the heart of what we do.

LearningOnline.xyz started as a sister company of a global language and professional development institute, operating in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Access to education is a fundamental human right. So while learning in a classroom has worked until now, with the rapid growth of technologies and ease of access to any content over the Internet, we wanted to help bring learning resources to anyone, anywhere while improving people’s lives.

Since 2016 our concept is to provide skill-based education to adults around the world on a convenient, comprehensive and accessible online platform as we believe that the main reason that people look to learn is for happiness. People who know more can do more, and can live happier, more fulfilled lives.

This informs everything that we do.

Our Mission

Connect all people to learning opportunities that contribute to happier, more fulfilled lives.

Our Vision

Make the world a better place through self-learning and

Starting with our flagship product, Cudoo, we have structured ourselves around a simple concept of One-for-One: for every course completed by a learner, we provide a course to someone in need. By partnering with charities and organisations that have a proven impact on people’s lives, our learners play an essential role in helping improve someone else’s life.

Our Values

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Always fair and with integrity

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Socially responsible

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Empowering people

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Passionate about the learning process

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Driven by intuitive innovation

We’re a small team with big goals. Help a change a life today