11 Great Education Apps for High School Students

High school can be a challenging time for many reasons. You are meeting new people, getting used to new teachers, and of course, you are managing more demanding classes. Luckily, we live in an era of technology where there is always something on the internet for pretty much everything.

Do you struggle with math? Do you need some motivation? Is writing not one of your best skills? Whatever you are stressing about you can solve it in no time with some digital helpers. The following eleven educational applications for students can be the perfect tools for strengthening your education by increasing productivity and creating motivation.

1. GoConqr

Here is an online learning app for all you social learners. GoConqr allows you to connect and collaborate with your friends, classmates, and even students from all over the world!

There are countless learning groups which allow you to study different topics, share and post resources, get feedback, and listen to advise from other people studying the same subject.
It is very visual, collaborative, and entertaining since it consists of mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, etc.

*Available for Android and IOS.

2. Cudoo.com

Do you want to learn a new language? Or do you maybe want to perfect the one you are currently learning? In either case, Cudoo.com will help you out. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be all about strict teachers and tedious school books.

Cudoo.com offers online courses in 160+ languages with videos, quizzes, and practice activities included for a fun way to learn a new language without having to sit in a classroom.

*Available for Android and IOS.

3. TED

You have probably heard of TED before, but if you haven’t, it is high time that you get introduced to this amazing platform.
TED allows you to watch countless educational talks from its conferences all around the world.

It offers educational and lifestyle courses on practically any topic you can think of. From new insights in math to boosting your confidence and getting through your high-school days, TED covers it all.

*Available for Android and IOS.

4. Exam Countdown

For those who need some help with organization, there is the Exam Countdown app. This app works as a visual reminder of all your important upcoming dates. You’ll be able to input all your exam dates and easily keep track with your learning schedule.

If you are having trouble with organizing your learning, you can improve your habits by checking with this app the time you have left before each exam.

*Available for Android and IOS.

5. WoWGrade.net

If you want to take your writing to the next level and you are looking for writing apps for college students, your search can stop now. WoWGrade.net can provide you with the help of professional writers with years of experience.

What is great about this service is that they offer the money back guarantee and 100% security which is very important with online services.

*WoWGrade also promises to release their writing apps for Android and IOS soon.

6. Studicus.com

Another great online writing service is Studicus.com. No matter which academic level you are or which topic you need some help with, they guarantee to deliver high-quality papers.

You don’t have to use their services just for writing, but you can work with their editors to improve your paper and get some feedback on what you need to work on. In the long run, this will help you to learn about your strong and weak spots in writing.

*Even though they currently don’t offer an app, they have announced application release for both Android and IOS.

7. Offtime

This is truly what every student needs! We all know how easily we get distracted by texts, calls, emails, and especially social media alerts. With Offtime app, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. It will allow you to block incoming calls, texts, and notifications for set periods of time.

This app can also stop you from accessing apps during this time. There will be no more “I’ll just quickly check my Insta feed” and then you get stuck on it for an hour instead of getting down to work.

*Available for Android and IOS.

8. Photomath

Is math your biggest enemy at school? If the answer is yes, here is the solution to your problem. This genius of an app enables you to take a picture of any math problem and receive a generated response.

However, Photomath is not just about getting the correct answer to your math tasks. It will also help you to understand the process of reaching an answer by giving you a step-by-step explanation.

*Available for Android and IOS.

9. Ready4SAT

If you want to rock your SATs, you should start with this online learning app for SAT prep. Ready4SAT comes in the form of practice questions and flashcards so the students can get the SAT and ACT practice they need.

The app even tracks your progress in order to create a study program tailored to improve your weaknesses.

*Available for Android and IOS.

10. Study Music – Memory Booster

Need some help with concentration? Study Music – Memory Booster is here to save the day. Stanford study found that “music moves the brain to pay attention.” Depending on what works for you, this app offers different music for different tasks like studying, reading or being creative.

In addition, you can add in nature sounds or alpha waves to the music of your choice. It is said that alpha waves and sounds of nature make it easier to relax and improve your focus.

*Available for Android and IOS.

11. Prezi

Prezi is a tool that takes PowerPoint presentations to the next level. This platform lets you create a unique presentation from scratch or import previously created PowerPoints and watch as your once plain presentation gets a new flare.

According to Harward’s study, Prezi presentations are more engaging and effective than PowerPoint slides.

*Available for Android and IOS.

Once you get armed with these online education tools you’ll be ready to conquer all your high-school learning challenges. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use the best that the tech world has to offer.

Considering that these eleven apps cover almost every area of study, you can easily find what works best for you.