8 Up & Coming Tech Cities Around the World

24 Jun 8 Up & Coming Tech Cities Around the World

As we rely more and more on technology to solve our everyday problems and make our lives easier, naturally, we’ll need a quantum of engineers to design and create the tech. Computer Science and programming was the fourth most popular major amongst those pursuing a STEM degree, says Medium.

Students are studying relentlessly to obtain degrees and certifications in order to get hired as engineers and tech support. If you’re willing to relocate, here are eight cities with a major tech presence to work from.

8. New York, New York


New York’s tech industry consists of roughly 320,000 people, according to Karen Bhatia. New York is obviously a hub for digital media and you will find plenty of creative jobs for talented individuals, however, if digital media isn’t your thing – don’t fret. New York is also home to many other tech companies, from SquareSpace and TrustPilot to Rent the Runway, you’ll find something you like.

7. Austin, Texas


There’s 1,400 available positions in computer science, according to Forbes. However, beware this market is likely competitive due to the University of Texas in Austin having one of the top tech programs in the country. The jobs are there but be ready to fight for them! Austin is home to companies like Dell, Indeed, Facebook, eBay, Blizzard Entertainment and so many more.

6. Osaka, Japan


If you’re looking for game design, Japan has probably crossed your mind. Capcom, creators of beloved character, Mega Man calls Osaka home. Osaka has other opportunities of course, such as Panasonic, Salesforce, Expedia, and SHARP electronics. Of course, you have a leg up if you speak Japanese fluently but it appears as though some companies, like Amazon, only require a basic understanding.

5. Vancouver, B.C, Canada


Vancouver claims to have over 68,000 employees in the tech enterprise, according to Medium. A hotbed for startups, but Vancouver is also home to Nintendo Canada, the largest EA Sports office in the country, and Capcom Canada. Vancouver has been in the top ten of The Economists Global Liveability Report best places to live for five years in a row!

4. Munich, Germany


Most likely not the first place you thought about moving but outside of it’s beauty and rich history, Munich is slowly becoming a tech giant. If you’re into luxury cars, Munich is home to BMW. Additionally, Munich is home to Siemens which is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.

3. Seattle, WA



Seattle is where you’ll find one of the most popular companies in the country, Amazon. Amazon currently has 40,000 employees and 10,000 job openings. Yes, that’s right 10,000. Seattle is also home to Zillow, which is wildly popular and changed the real estate game.

2. Boston, MA



Perhaps you’ve seen those videos of the AI dog running or maybe not – this AI dog lives at Boston Dynamics, one of the most acclaimed players in the artificial intelligence game. They’re tough jobs to get but so worth it. Most of the jobs with Boston Dynamics require knowledge of C++/Python so be sure to study up.

1. Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is a no-brainer for techies. There is absolutely no shortage of tech based companies here. You’ll find Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and so many more. Though Nintendo’s HQ is in Kyoto, there are large offices in Tokyo, as well.

What are some cities you’ve found to be good for tech? Let us know in the comments below!