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24 Oct A herald of education- Sanju Gurjar

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. That very statement is resoundingly profound in the case of Indian social reformer Sanju Gurjar. With the simple cause- ‘Education for the girl child’, she is challenging the norms of the rural society that she’s lived in all her life.

Among many the many aspects of India; culture is one that has its variations rival the cuisines in the country. A few of these very ‘cultures’ are so backward, that they inhibit the growth of a person and alienate them to society. In the rural part of the country, women are frowned upon for leaving the household without a male accompanying them. In some parts, the idea of schooling for a girl is unheard of. 3 million girls are currently uneducated in India, with little hope for change.

In spite of the fact that these norms are so prohibiting for intellectual development, Sanju Gurjar has taken it upon herself to be the beacon of hope for her village. Equipped with a full education, Sanju realizes it’s value. She says that if not for educations call, she would’ve probably been married and the idea of an educated future would be impossible. She is grateful for the gem that is her father. His role in her life was imperative as she expresses that he was the sole motivation for her education and the success she believes herself to be today. He prioritized her education when so many others fathers wouldn’t. Sanju is now in pursuit of a degree in political science with hopes to be an inspiration for society.

Source: Educate Girls

Source: Educate Girls


Sanju Gurjar is committed to ensuring education is imparted to all that have the zeal for it, and even those that don’t. She coaxed her brother into appearing for his class 12 exams, ensuring he completed his school- effectively broadening his potential for growth. Sanju is mainly devoting her time as a volunteer for the girl child education committee called ‘Team Balika’. She’s been actively involved for over 2 years and has already enrolled 11 girls in a school from her village. She hasn’t stopped there; given the fact that she hails from an influential family in her village, she’s used all resources available to her to do all she can for the cause. She tutors neighbouring children free of cost and emphasizes the importance of completing a full education. She hopes her pursuits of graduation are a motivating factor for the girls that she’s surrounded by.

Sanju Gurjar is indeed the herald of education for her village. We hope the story of her victories motivates the world over to join the cause- education for all.


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