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19 Sep Allah-Mensah’s Story

Prior to her entry into the Evolvin’ Women Pop Up Academy program, Allah-Mensah worked as an intern at a hotel in Ghana.In only Seven months into the program, she had already earned 20 online training certificates, as well as accumulated 16 hours of mentoring and 100 face-to-face training hours.

“Without such a global experience it would take quite a while (for me) to progress (in Ghana). Experience is one thing that really sells. I’m very fortunate that I can come face-to-face with what hospitality really is in a city like Dubai and make the comparison between how services are rendered here and how services are rendered back home. So for me it’s a big stepping stone to have this on my CV.” She recalls of her experience.

The Drive

The 28-year-old single mother, Allah-Mensah is not one to shy away from a challenge. She describes her son as her driving force for a better life and says he’s among the main motivating factors for her success. It’s evident that she’s willing to do what she believes she must, to safeguard a future for her son. Her approach to the matter is seen as purely logical, despite the emotional hurt. She believes a temporary loss is inconsequential in light of a bigger, better picture. She says she’s learned to enjoy the little joys that come with being employed in a developed scenario such as the UAE, among which she mentions using her money to purchase gifts for her son back in Ghana. Allah-Mensah shows characteristics of an entrepreneur; her outlook from this experience is to use this newly gained knowledge to evolve the market when she returns back.

Her goals are to return back home and set up a family business in the events sector and to build a legacy for her son. As can be seen, she is eternally grateful and her tale is an inspiration to the others that will follow.

Allah-Mensah’s take on Evolvin’ Women.

Learningonline.xyz is in a partnership with Evolvin’ Women; a social enterprise out of the UAE, and together the goal is to empower the women of developing countries secure their future in the hospitality industry. The mission goes hand in hand as these women use the platform Cudoo to professionally develop themselves in any field necessary.

In recent news, the 1-for-1 initiative- Learningonline.xyz enrolled 17 ladies into the Women empowerment program through Evolvin’ Women giving them free access to the Cudoo learning database. A huge step forward in the right direction for everyone involved. Keeping with the motto that when you learn, the world learns, the learningonline.xyz team are driven to taking decisions that highlight it.

It’s certain that there will be just as many success stories waiting to emerge as time passes. Meanwhile, we at the Learningonline.xyz team wish Allah-Mensah their best, as she attempts to take the business world by storm back in Ghana. We have full faith that the lessons garnered from Evolvin’ Women and Cudoo coupled with her intellect, are sure to lead her to success in her future endeavours.

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