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17 Oct Weaving a bright Future – Bibisharifa Talbizoda

Bibisharifa Talbizoda, aged 19, is an aspiring young seamstress and dressmaker from Tajikistan. What makes her special is her zeal to be a professional dressmaker and businesswoman regardless of the trials she must endure to achieve it.

Bibisharifa discovered her hand for the incredibly delicate craft at a very tender age. Like with any aspect of her life, she knew the immense dedication she’d need to put in, to succeed. They say victory loves preparation- and Bibisharifa has indeed earned her moment in the spotlight. She’s maintained her resolve in education and built herself a niche market in her neighborhood.

The news about her work caught on and spread like wildfire. Bibisharifa began attracting customers from neighboring villages as well. All of these leading to her ultimate goal of being a professional dressmaker. What’s astonishing is, the fact that she was able to balance pursuing her hobby, evolving it into a career and graduating secondary school- all in tandem. The teachers and Bibisharifa both deserve immense respect and gratitude for ensuring her growth in both aspects of her adolescence. It is truly rare to see a person, as young as her, have the drive to secure her future, it is not a common trend.

Bibisharifa TalbizodaSource:GPE

“With the help of my teacher at the school, I participated in a local competition on fundamental economics and won! Thanks to this competition, I had access to other competitions and training. My teacher has been always by my side and supported me during these competitions. My next goal is to attend design school”, says a very grateful Bibisharifa. A true inspiration to girls in Tajikistan and the world over.

She credits her notions of entrepreneurship to the training camp she attended. Bibisharifa explains that the idea’s discussed helped her discover her potential. She was enlightened to the practices of business, their workings and the steps she’d need to follow to be successful. As is evident, she’s a go-getter, and secured herself as the winner for the best ‘business plan’. It was this victory that set the wheel in motion for Bibisharifa. Giving her the confidence to expand her mind and realize that she’s got something very real and achievable. ‘Zebanda 2017’ is Bibisharifa’s brainchild and has the right intentions from the ground up. Bibisharifa understands the value of community and also teaches those interested. Education has taught her that her solo gain isn’t as beneficial as a communal growth.

The camp she attended was jointly organized by the State Committee on Investments, State Property Management and the World Bank, namely ‘Make your own future! Become an entrepreneur’. A great endeavor to develop markets worldwide and is a boon to humanity.

We hope to discover more success’ such as Bibisharifa Talbizoda. Individuals like these are a true inspiration to her direct community and the world at large.

We hope to discover more success’ such as Bibisharifa Talbizoda. Individuals like these are a true inspiration to her direct community and the world at large.

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