Knowledge is Power: The Power of Education

Knowledge opens worlds of opportunities for you and me which is why the power of education is so important. Read on to learn what education can do for you.

Remember yourself as a ten-year-old? Sitting in school listening to your teacher who you likely adored.

She was reading you that really good chapter book and then stopped at the very best part. The whole class groaned and begged for her to keep going. You wanted to hear more, know more, understand more.

Without even knowing it, you craved that information. You wanted the story. You wanted more.

Here in lies the power of education. The basic human quality of wanting to know things.

The Cumulative Power of Learning

What happens when you know something that someone else doesn’t? You have a little more power.

Knowledge breeds power. It also breeds a wealth of traits to drive and improve the human experience.

Education is power because it gives people knowledge. But education can go beyond the base of knowledge by engaging the learner. Engagement breeds all kinds of other powerful traits.

The world’s brightest inventors, a country’s powerful leader were each born from their having an education.

Because education doesn’t just provide knowledge, it creates thinkers, inventors, problem solvers, and opportunity. A skill-based education can open doors to jobs.

It offers promotion and the ability to further oneself.

Knowledge Changing Lives

You know the story well. The successful, smart CEO who came from the humblest beginnings. She went to school, kept learning and growing, changed her life and never looked back.

Not only can education give more power, but it can also create more happiness too. Education breaks down barriers for greater human understanding, empathy, and empowerment.

While not everyone has the opportunity to get an education, everyone should. It could fundamentally change the world.

The power of knowledge could bridge gaps, broaden horizons and open doors. Education helps us to know things that were unimaginable with less understanding and knowledge.

A One-For-One Learner and Doing the Same For Others

Education leads to knowledge and knowledge increases power. Imagine being able to offer that opportunity to another human. Especially one who has not had access to it before.

The world is full of gaps in education and opportunity. Those same gaps create many of the problems of the world. The One-For-One program aims to put a dent in that cycle.

Every time a student learner completes a course at by, a course is provided for someone who might otherwise never get the chance at learning.

This is the ultimate portrayal of the power of education. One person pursues an education, yet two people gain knowledge.

Skill and Knowledge are Your Power

Knowledge, fulfillment, personal growth, happiness…the list can go on and on. It is the gift that education keeps giving, the power of education.‘s mission is to give learners the opportunity to gain skills, improve their ability to communicate and empower humans from around the world.

The internet has opened a door to different learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom. It also gives the chance for learning beyond the traditional route.

Take the leap, improve yourself because education is your power.