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16 Apr Learning English Changed This Pakistani Worker’s Life

Haseeb ur Rehman, a young Pakistani field helper in the UAE had never imagined that learning English could change his life! Mr. Rehman was awarded the Most Aspiring Employee of the Year Award by the UAE Minister of Tolerance at a prestigious ceremony in Dubai.

Like most young Pakistani expats living in the UAE, Mr. Rehman came to Dubai in 2017 to work as a field helper for a meager salary of $245 a month. However, after successfully completing the Learn English program organized by SmartLife — A LearningOnline.xyz supported non-for-profit partner that conducts weekend classes for blue-collared workers in Dubai, Mr. Rehmans fortune took a turn for the better as his salary tripled and he got a promotion within the company he was working in.

His bosses recognized that he had started communicating in English and promoted him to a more suitable job to suit his newly acquired English speaking skills.

Speaking to Gulf News Mr. Rehman said: “When I came to Dubai in November 2017 as a field helper, I realized that I need to learn English to climb the ladder of success and fortunately a team of Smart Life came to my company Averda Environment Services and offered us to attend free English language classes.”

“Some 33 people from my company joined the course but only four of them are left now as it is quite demanding to attend the two-hour class every Friday which is the only off day for us,” he exclaimed.

“I worked hard with the help of my teachers and continue to learn the language. My company officials promoted me after they noticed that I started conversing in English. I am really grateful to them,” he said, adding: “I never thought that learning English will help change my life to this extent.”

Before moving to the UAE, Mr. Rehman worked at his father’s grocery store in Lahore – Pakistan, however, he always dreamt big and decided to move to Dubai in a bid to progress in his life. “My salary was Dh900 ($245) when I joined here but I stayed positive and now salary is Dh3000 ($817) and it happened within one and a half year,” he said with a broad smile.

Mr. Rehman’s future plans are to complete his graduation and set up his own business.