Making The World a Better Place Through Education

Education can be described in simple terms as the process of giving or receiving systematic instructions about any given subject. Everything that we see around us, from the cars we drive to the roads we drive them on, even the device that you’re reading this article on, can be attributed to education. All of the progress that we have done as humans, is all thanks to education.

Imagine what would happen, if one generation refused to transfer the knowledge and wisdom to the next. We would not receive any guidance and learnings from our previous generations and would fail to create or achieve anything substantial. The whole process of development would come to a halt. Thankfully, Modern education is becoming easy to access, easy to afford and increasingly non-dependent on your geo-location. 

This is evident from our progress in the last five centuries alone. We’ve designed and created things to make our lives better, perform faster and heal quicker. Advancements in modern education, development of new economies and rise in innovation and technology have catapulted success for countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Countries that we had never heard but a few decades ago are now an integral part of our global economy. 

Having said that, there is still a dire need for further education as we are still a long way away from reaching our proverbial destination. It is no secret that education is the single most important factor that can bring out not just individuals but entire corporations and even nations, out of the darkness and into the light of a progressive, healthy world. Revolutionaries like Nelson Mandela have gone so far to say that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world’, but how do we actually bring about the change we so desperately need?

Here are a few ways education can further take the world to newer heights.

Differentiation between wrong and right 

How will a person, who doesn’t know better, differentiate between what is right and what is wrong? To know better is to educate yourself and by doing this you gain the wisdom and knowledge required to discern and choose from the many choices you will have to make in life.

Spread awareness

How many pandemics and disasters can be avoided in today’s world by spreading awareness. We have seen a complete eradication of diseases like polio from entire countries, limited the spread of viral infections and saved countless lives in case of natural disasters due to appropriate awareness campaigns, all thanks to education.

Become more productive and confident

Confidence comes from competence. Education provides the competency and knowledge to understand and make your self understandable. It provides the confidence to argue your point and debate without losing your temper and also gives you the patience and empathy required for effective listening and communication.

Well educated people also tend to be more productive with their time and day compared to the less educated. They value time and know the importance of organizing different tasks and prioritizing goals to achieve systematic progress and self-growth.

Avoid costly mistakes

How many times have we heard stories from someone who did something terribly wrong in business or life and yet it was so apparently obvious to us that this story wasn’t going to end well? It is because they didn’t have the knowledge to see it then and from their point of view, they simply couldn’t see it. The right knowledge and education can help you save you time and money and also ensure that your efforts are not in vain.

Spot opportunities

A well-educated mind will spot opportunities even in times of despair. Education provides knowledge and cultivates in you the wisdom to connect the dots. Find solutions in times of adversity. Spot opportunities for progress in times of peace. As well as, learn to adapt to our rapidly changing world.

Become healthier

Becoming more educated can and will have a positive impact on your health and the health of those around you. Gaining knowledge is not just vital to treating illnesses and taking precautions, but also informs you about your daily choices when it comes to diet and exercise. 

Differentiating between junk and healthy food can help you adopt healthy habits such as exercise, waking up early, and meditating. This, in turn, leads to elevated fitness levels and helps sustain a healthier lifestyle.


Education helps us in all walks of life and has proven to be the single most important factor in improving the quality of human life on our planet. So much so that we now have our eyes set on colonizing Mars and becoming an interplanetary species; none of which would have been possible without education. 

Thankfully, technology is on our side and it is not nearly as expensive or difficult to get the education you need then it once used to be. It is now the responsibility of the educated, to take the torch forward and spread education and awareness to not just ourselves but also those who are most in need.

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