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03 Oct Rehema’s Climb to Presidency.

Rehema is a young student out of Tanzania, who has a dream to one day govern her people, and this dream is being made into a reality everyday with her continuous effort in educating herself.

It is estimated that a total of 5.1 million Tanzanian children aged 7 to 17 are out of school and do not gain a secondary education or vocational training. For many children education ends after primary school and only three out of five Tanzanian adolescents are enrolled in lower-secondary education and fewer complete secondary education. Formal vocational training is unavailable to many of the children who want it.


At her tender age, Rehema can already identify patterns and problems in her immediate surroundings. She goes a step further and also provides solutions based on her experiences and critical thinking. She’s says, that education in Tanzania needs to be better targeted to the girl child only because she sees her peers being left behind.

Rehema thinks that this flaw is a pre-existing one, as the society she lives in prioritises education for the boys and always has. The ‘Girls Education Program’ has already had its effect and is inspiring change. Rehema says that by this age, the trend has been, to have her at home preparing for and awaiting marriage- all while being told that she had no right to an education. She credits her current life trajectory solely to ‘Room to Read‘. “The program has empowered me, it teaches me the necessary life skills to achieve all the goals I’ve set”, she expresses, as she praises the self-awareness class that she’s enrolled in, going on to say that it’s taught her about her rights and duties in society.

Feeding of her mentor- Martha, Rehema shares a vision of the value of an educated mind. She’s aware of the problems of teenage pregnancy and is thankful to the program for helping her make a better choice for herself. “There are many distractions and temptations, mostly by men and I’m empowered to know to say no. I’ve been asked my hand in marriage and to give up education- but I said no and mentioned the priority education holds in my life”. As evident, she’s adamant on achieving her goal of being a leader in Tanzania, the first woman President of Tanzania.

Room to Read is a non-profit entity devoted to children’s literacy and girl’s education. It is a globally functioning organization with headquarters in San Francisco, USA. Their mission is simple- a secure future. One with a change for the better and evolution- and they’re set to achieve it through children.

As evident, they’re changing lives the world around and have been for the last 12 years and rated 4 stars consecutively. All goals we’re hoping to aid through our 1-for-1 initiative in whatever way possible.

Rehema is one among the 17000 girls in the program for education and we at Cudoo house fully support Room to Read in their endeavour to educate the world.



Hrw.org               (Human Rights Watch)

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