The Basics About Universal Basic Income

16 May The Basics About Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income has been a talking point recently and has proven to be a complex topic, with many different parts – don’t be ashamed if you don’t know it all!  If you want to be ready to talk shop, here are some quick pointers.

What is Universal Basic Income in the United States? (UBI)

Universal Basic Income would be a guaranteed $1,000 per month, from the United States government.

What is the reason for the push for UBI in the United States?

UBI is intended to keep people from hitting the point of needing government assistance, there is a need for UBI as more jobs become automated to help ease the blow of a lost job due to uncontrollable circumstances. Things will apparently continue to get worse with the advancements in self driving cars and more.

Does that mean I wouldn’t have to work?!

Unfortunately, you would still have to work. UBI is intended to just be a boost, this boost could be what puts you over the poverty line and that would be UBI at work.  “In most scenarios, the grant would not be enough to forsake paid employment altogether,” said Jennifer Burns of Stanford University.

However, you are correct in asking this question – it’s happened before. In the 1960s there were trials of a based income in the United States and they did find that the people who were receiving the benefits worked fewer hours. So hey, maybe you can’t quit entirely but perhaps you can put in a few less hours at the plant.

What are some of the benefits?

Job Satisfaction – It is believed that the implementation of UBI would create a happier mass public. There would be greater job satisfaction because people would be more likely to pursue the job they wanted over the job they need. UBI would provide a safety net for those may need it unexpectedly.

Health – Fairly recently, India ran a trial of UBI and those who participated found that they were healthier thanks to this allowing them to afford medicine, proper sanitation methods and eat and drink clean water regularly, according to ProCon.

These are just some of the benefits of a UBI, what do you think about a UBI in the United States? Are you for it? Against? Why? Let us know in the comments below!