10 Mar The Best Cities to Visit in March

As the weather prepares to turn into spring, it is in our nature to be ready for a change. Exploring other cultures and the world is incredibly rewarding and is the best way to grow as human beings. The choice of places to visit this time of year is very exciting and varied.  Here is our list!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With the iconic Carnival taking place on March 1-9, this city comes even more alive with 2 million people from around the world parading in the city.

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Sicily, Italy

It is always exciting to visit Italy and Sicily with incredible food and ruins dating back to 430 B.C. but spring is the best.

Although mistaken for a dialect of Italian, Sicilian (Sicilianu) is, in fact, a separate language, and officially on the UNESCO list. Check out our Sicilian Online Course on Cudoo and learn to introduce yourself.

Valencia, Spain

As the third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia has a lot to offer. Las Fallas festival – March 15-19 – should not be missed with its huge papier-mâché figures, bonfires, and fireworks. Oh, and did we mention that it is the birthplace of paella!

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Dublin, Ireland

In March, you can celebrate St’ Patrick’s Day in a lot of places around the world but Dublin is THE place to be for five days of festivities.

Although everyone in Ireland speaks English, there are regions (the Gaeltacht) where Irish is the everyday language of communication. So as a courtesy, you really should be able to speak a few words of the Gaeilge when going beyond Dublin. Check out our Irish Online Course!