Ways to Stay Green without Ditching your Plastic Straws

08 Jul Ways to Stay Green without Ditching your Plastic Straws

It’s so easy to get caught up in the trend of the moment, however, Bloomberg Opinion writer, Scott Duke Kominers took a look at how useful restaurants switching to metal straws was for the restaurant business and concluded that it had more downsides and at times worse than the problems they were meant to solve.

Kominers found that switching to metal straws didn’t just not provide the intended environmental benefit, but also many of the restaurants reported their customers steal the metal straws that come in their drinks. It’s incredibly expensive for restaurants to keep up with the straws disappearing, causing escalating costs.

If you’re looking for other ways to maintain a sustainable lifestyle but maybe aren’t ready to give up your plastic straws just yet, here are five creative ways to stay sustainable and socially conscious.

1. Reusable Bags

We all have them, but how many of us actually use them? If you have entirely way more than you need – don’t throw them out. You can save yourself some money by bringing these bags! If you just have far too many to handle, you can send your bags to others who could use them at Chico Bag.

2. Start Composting

You can compost almost all of your kitchen garbage, such as scraps, egg shells, flowers and so much more. Copts piles help reduce everyday landfill waste. Composting can also provide you with super rich and healthy soil, your garden will look magnificent.

3. Buy Smart, Buy Consciously

For almost everything you buy today, chances are there’s a socially conscious brand that’s selling a comparable product. Just look at companies such as Bombas, who are reinventing the sock game or Cudoo with their buy one, give one platform. It’s not tough to find a socially conscious version of something you’re looking for and often times the products are of phenomenal quality!

4. Repurpose your Garbage

Did you know that glass accounts for 8.2 million tons of trash around the United States? Next time you have company, splurge for the nice bottle to turn into a vase later. There are hundreds of little “hacks” like these floating around, before you throw something out take a good look and ask yourself “what else could I use this for?”

5. Make your own Household Cleaners

Another great thing about going green is the money you save! Who knew that an equal mix of blue dish soap and white vinegar would make a fantastic shower cleaner?  You are not only saving money and plastic, you’re also saving the environment from the harsh chemicals left over in cleaning containers.

There’s so many ways to do our part. What do you do for yours, other tips? Let us know in the comments below!