What if a Thanos Snap Actually Happened?

For most, the thought of a snap that would rid the world of 50% of its population is terrifying. The world has seen scenarios, such as famine and illness wipe out mass numbers before but not quite 50% of the population. This video by @What If  discusses the potential benefits of a “snap” that would wipe out half of all worldly beings.

Food Supply

What If discusses the benefits the world’s food supply would see after a 50% decrease in people. While eventually, it would flourish, at first the food supply would struggle. The transition time after the initial shock of the snap would be chaos, a loss of farmers, fishers, and the various positions needed to transport the food to where it needs to be. During times of famine, there’s further population control.

Outside of the obvious starvation, experts now believe that a piece of solving the Irish Potato Famine was the low birth-rates, this is likely due to low weight in women, stripping them of the ability to reproduce. This proves Thanos’s snap would continue to be felt much longer than the initial hit.

It’s important to not forget that eventually, they suggest it would balance out and actually flourish. The food supply might flourish but data suggests that Ireland is currently still behind where they were population-wise pre famine, meaning they still haven’t “fully” recovered.


If you’re someone with a super niche skill – your skill could become extremely unique in the event of a snap! You could become the only wedding invitation calligrapher in the area. Your skill set would be in higher demand due to the loss of people who could also do this.  

However, one must remember the initial impact this snap would have – you’d not only be losing your local butcher but politicians, doctors, pilots, and so many more. Economically, you’d gain, however you’d likely see things like much longer wait times at the hospital, mechanic, or your favorite restaurant.

What If also suggests that there would be a decrease in home prices, simply because there are more homes available.

The World

“Fewer people means less pollution” said What If. It makes sense, less people driving, less litter, fewer straws, fewer plastic bags, a cleaner Earth. A 50% population decrease could be very beneficial to climate change, the video goes on to suggest we would be able to live on Earth comfortably for the next 100 years!

Can you think of any other advantages to a 50% population decrease? Let us know in the comments below.