Why Does Adult Education Matter?

Did you know that in 1973 only about 28% of jobs required a college degree? It’s estimated that by 2020, 73% of jobs will require a college degree or secondary certifications says Huffington Post.

Adults oftentimes feel ashamed about having trouble doing basic things, such as math. It’s not uncommon for an adult to have low numeracy levels. Through adult education, those who struggle in certain areas can boost their confidence.

What Are the Benefits?

Well, a lack of effective education can lead to many things. One of the largest impacts is the correlation between a lack of education and incarceration. Only 16% of prisoners have their high school diploma or equivalent, according to National Public Radio. 

Adult education programs have the ability to stop multigenerational poverty by providing individuals with the tools and skills needed to have a job but also manage their income and finances. 

When it comes to money, you can make almost $10,000 more if you attend adult education classes for more than 100 hours, according to the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE).

According to COABE, many successful adult education course graduates attribute these skills that they’ve learned in adult education courses to their success

  • They can read, write, and do math
  • The ability to get and keep a job that provides a sustainable wage
  • Can help their children with homework and provide a positive outlook on education
  • Can contribute to their communities ie; voting
  • Break the cycle of incarceration
  • Achieve their dreams

I’m Too Old for This!


You’re never too old and your level of education has a larger impact on the world than you probably think. 

The parents, specifically the mother, are the biggest factor in driving education. A mother’s reading level is actually is a great determining factor of a child’s academic success in the future, says the National Institutes of Health.

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