Why Does Ethical Fashion Matter

29 May Why Does Ethical Fashion Matter?

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen or heard of plenty of protests, blood (or paint?) thrown at celebrities, the movies and advertisements. It is clear, people want their clothing to sourced, manufactured and made in an ethical way using material that is organic. Many big and small clothing brands made the switch from fur to faux and the world is a better place.

However, in what other ways can a fashion brand be ethical and continue forward the momentum that has been built over the last two to three decades, and build upon the success of our predecessors.

Let’s take a look at some of these ways that are in vogue today!

Buy One – Give One


Who hasn’t heard of TOMS Shoes — one of the early pioneers of ‘buy one – give one’ business model which has inspired plenty of other social enterprises in business to make the world a better place. Bombas is one such company that sells socks. The team at Bombas learnt that socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters, so for every pair of socks purchased at their store they donate one pair to homeless shelters.

Less Photoshop, More Real

#AerieREAL Role Models

In an attempt to encourage self confidence, American Eagle has stopped photoshopping their models and is straying from using the “traditional” type of models. After they began this American Eagle saw a 32% rise in sales. The consumers want a brand that is conscious of them. The lack of photoshop gives the consumer an idea as to what a piece would look like on various body shapes.

Organic Clothing


“Every year, conventional cotton crops in California alone were doused with 6.9 million pounds of chemicals” says Patagonia. Think about the amount of cotton clothing you own, your t-shirts, underwear, pajamas, towels and so much more!

Cotton is considered “The Dirtiest Crop” by the Environmental Justice Foundation. They crowned it this because farmers around the world use roughly $1,310 million worth of insecticides each year on their cotton, which is more than what is used on any other crop.

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There are plenty of options for sustainable and ethical fashion out there! Let us know what some of your favorite ethical fashion brands are in the comments below!