American Sign Language Course in Arabic Launched by LearningOnline.xyz to help create a more Inclusive Environment in the Middle East

29 Apr American Sign Language Course in Arabic Launched by LearningOnline.xyz to help create a more Inclusive Environment in the Middle East

The American Sign Language (ASL) online course can now be accessed by native Arabic language users through LearningOnline.xyz’s Cudoo.com eLearning platform.

Dubai – UAE, 29th April 2019 — American Sign Language or ASL as it is popularly known is now available for native Arabic language users on LearningOnline.xyz’s Cudoo.com – online learning portal.

The eLearning company that recently won the ‘Best eLearning Services Provider’ award at MEA Markets Awards 2019 in the UAE, develops online lifestyle learning solutions with a strong social mission that supports worthy causes related to poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, education, and others.

The video-based American Sign Language online course for Arabic users developed in-house by highly experienced and trained instructors is tailored for the over 300 million Arabic language speakers in the Middle East and Africa region. The region has seen a growing demand for Sign Language courses for Arabic speakers as there is an increased push towards improving accessibility and to create an inclusive environment in the region.

Ivan Vassiliev, CEO of LearningOnline.xyz commented: “languages are all about communication, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities, we are proud to have expanded on that thought and have created this course to make ِAmerican Sign Language “ASL” accessible to the world’s Arabic language user population as an important bridge between the hearing and the hearing impaired communities.”

ASL is a visual-gestural language — a language that is expressed through the hands and facial expressions and is perceived through the eyes. American Sign Language “ASL” is the 3rd most-used non-English language in the U.S. after English and Spanish, and is in use in many other countries within government and private organizations as a means to communicate with people with hearing impairments.

The American Sign Language “ASL” online course for Arabic language users covers the basics from alphabets and basic signs to emergency and useful phrases, with more levels on the way.

For more information about the American Sign Language, “ASL” Arabic course and other online courses visit https://cudoo.com. To learn more about LearningOnline.xyz and its lifestyle eLearning products visit https://learningonline.xyz.


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