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08 Apr Cudoo.com is Offering 800+ Courses for Free to All Nonprofits, Charities, and Libraries

With the current situation being unprecedented for businesses worldwide, it’s essential to acknowledge the entities with invaluable contributions to our society – nonprofits, charities, and libraries. Be it financial aid, emotional and mental support, necessities such as food, clothing, and education, these organizations offer indispensable support to people from various communities. 

As 10% of U.S. GDP, nonprofits employ 12 million workers, and they must be able to retain them. To support nonprofits, charities, and libraries during the circumstances created by COVID-19, LearningOnline.xyz is offering employees, members, and the people dependent on these organizations with free access to over 800 online courses through its eLearning platform – Cudoo.

As more and more people are required to stay at home in isolation to safeguard themselves and others, Cudoo’s certified online courses provide an excellent opportunity for people to enhance their skills and abilities and continue adding value to the society once the world gets back to business to some normalcy. 

Ivan Vassiliev, CEO of LearningOnline.xyz commented, “We have always aimed to create accessible and affordable quality learning for everyone. Right now, with businesses and economies being devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic, LearningOnline.xyz wants to do every bit we can to help sustain the services that consistently and selflessly help people achieve their aspirations. Nonprofits, charities, and libraries, a fundamental place of learning, are organizations that should not be overlooked during these difficult times. By providing over 800 courses to their members for free, we aim to support them in their learning and development, and contribute to their sustainability.”

Cudoo offers a mix of hard and soft skill courses, such as virtual team management and website development, as well as over 160 language and communication courses, all highly demanded by employers today. 

For nonprofits, charitable organizations and library sign up visit: cudoo.com/free-for-life