04 Aug Cudoo joins the mLearning bandwagon, launches app on IOS and Android

CUPERTINO, Calif.Aug. 4, 2016 — According to the Ambient Insight Premium Report, mLearning, once a $5.3 billion industry (2012), is expected to be worth $12.2 billion by 2017. UNESCO states that, “Mobile learning involves the use of mobile technology, either alone or in combination with other information and communication technology (ICT), to enable learning anytime and anywhere.” The Brandon Hall Group research shows that companies prefer the mobile delivery method of learning by 41% in comparison to other tools.

99% of mLearners have claimed to benefit from and prefer the mobile learning format and an approximate 100% of them said that they would complete more training and learning if presented in the mobile learning format (Gartner Research). Despite this, only 25% of technologically advanced firms are using mobile applications for learning due to the cost and investment required for setting it up. The Cudoo application, currently available on Android (coming soon to IOS), will help eradicate this problem for many businesses and learners as all the courses, with the same features as those present on the website, will be available at the touch of their mobile or tablet screen, anytime and anywhere.

‘Moment of Need’ Mobile Support is a growing trend due to the need for learning material outside the classroom, on the job or when travelling, and boosts the performance of employees and their productivity at  a lower cost than other learning methods (eLearningIndustry). Cudoo’s mobile app keeps up with this trend and aids learning as and when it is required. Almost 74% of employees use mLearning tools when travelling (Michaels and Associates) and the Cudoo app will particularly help businesses ensure that neither the business and nor the training is affected when the employee is on the move, as well as other learners.

Sue Brett, CEO of learningonline.xyz commented, “The Cudoo App will take the convenience and ease of e-learning to the next level and provide the learners with the option of using the device of their choice to access the learning material. Our aim is to provide quality courses and that won’t be compromised as the app uses a responsive design that will alter according to the device used and yet remain uniform across all platforms.”

Smartphone apps are an excellent way to ensure that learning and training goes on without any disruption and at the convenience of the learner. If you want to learn a language, brush up on your soft skills or acquire a professional development skill, download the Cudoo app or visit www.cudoo.comtoday and start learning on the go.