21 Jun EdTech Startup Learningonline.xyz Named A 2017 Learning! 100 Winner in America

Learningonline.xyz among top global learning organizations to be named Learning! 100 winner by Elearning! Media Group.

CUPERTINO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2017 — Learningonline.xyzcontinues to add to its growing list of recognitions in Learning & Developmental programs with the 2017 Elearning! Media Group’s (EMG) Learning! 100 Award. The award recognizes and honors the top 100 American organizations for their best-in-class learning and development programs.

The Elearning! Media Group’s (EMG) Learning! 100 Awards recognize excellence in learning across enterprises that invest in a truly immersive learning culture. Previous Learning! 100 honorees have included Amazon Web Services, AT&T, American Heart Association, Salesforce, NASCAR, Defense Acquisition University, and Scripps Health.

With the market for EdTech quoted to have reached over $50 billion, with a very healthy annual growth rate, it is evident how popular eLearning has become both in the educational sector and specific industries where fast customization is required. In addition to the convenience that eLearning provides with online education, its popularity is also due to its widespread reach and affordability for 21st-century learners.

Sue Brett, CEO of Learningonline.xyz commented, “We are delighted to be named the top American ‘Elearning! 100’ enterprise solutions provider by EMG, sharing the podium with the likes of Amazon, AT&T, and NASCAR, which is a real honor. Our unique cultural connectivity ecosystem, connecting cultures through language learning innovation, encourages team collaboration and builds a learning culture within the enterprise that drives performance.”

Learningonline.xyz, with its e-learning platform Cudoo, multi-language app Langu.ag and online language exchange platform Speaking Cultures, including 160+ languages and professional development skills, is a really affordable solution for edTech.

Catherine Upton, Award Chair and Group Publisher, Elearning! Media Group commented on their website, “Learning is at the core of enterprise success. Every Learning! 100 honoree continues to inspire us with their innovation, passion, and performance.”

The Learning! 100 Award ceremony will take place during the Enterprise Learning Conference on the 29th of August, 2017 in San Diego, California.


About the Learning! 100 Award
The Elearning! Media Group’s (EMG) Learning! 100 Award recognizes excellence high-performance enterprises that are collaborative, innovative, with an immersive learning culture. The Learning! 100 Award recognizes the top 100 global organizations across the public and private sectors for their best-in-class learning and development programs that drive organizational performance. To learn more visit: http://www.2elearning.com/awards/learning-100-awards


About LearningOnline.xyz:

LearningOnline.xyz Inc. loves creating online learning lifestyle solutions that help people build happier, more fulfilled lives. We believe that learning is the key to helping people improve their circumstances and environment, whether it is poverty, opportunity, or self-improvement; education is the answer.

Each solution has a strong social mission. When you use any of our solutions, we give access to these products for free, distributed through one of our partner organizations that give someone else an opportunity to develop the skills they need to improve their life or support a worthy cause.

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