11 Jul Experience the Olympics 2016 in a truly Brazilian way – Go local!

CUPERTINO, CA- 07/11/2016- With just 31 days left for the beginning of the Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, many attendees can hardly wait for their exotic summer vacation with great food and entertaining atmosphere. According to The Telegraph, more than 480,000 visitors are expected to attend the event in August this year. The first country in South America to host the Olympiad, a majority of the attendees will be Latin American and fluent in Spanish, a language different from but very similar to Brazilian Portuguese, which will help them get around the country far more easily than for foreigners from other origin. Also, only 4.94% of the total populations are fluent in the English language!

If you plan on attending the Olympics then its high time you gave learning Brazilian Portuguese a try with our Brazilian Portuguese online course on cudoo.com! The Brazilians are very affectionate and generous people, who know exactly how to have and show a great time. Agberto Guimaraes, the Executive Director of Sport in the Olympics Organizing committee and a former olympian, told The Guardian that if the viewers can expect one thing for certain is fun. He says that since Brazil, being a fairly young nation, isn’t bound by formality like the UK or submerged in history like China, it isn’t used to being tied down by rules and boundaries thus giving them a better chance to provide more unique form of entertainment. Knowing the local language takes the level of fun many notches higher as you will get the chance to interact more freely with the locals, learn the authentic and wonderful culture than Brazil has to offer and join in with all the traditions and festivities.

Sue Brett, CEO of www.learningonline.xyz commented, “Cudoo tends to be especially helpful for those that can’t take set classes to learn a language and would rather do it as and when they’re free. It gives people the opportunity to learn a language, have fun while doing it and do it even when they’re on the move! Subscribers can personalize the course as they go along and learn the key words needed to survive, a big boon for tourists.”

www.cudoo.com gives you the chance to learn the language in your own time, at your own pace and anywhere you want! Whether you’re on your flight to Brazil or have been there a while, use the course on cudoo.com on your laptop or even your smartphone to brush up and test you language skills and have fun the Brazilian way and make it your most memorable trip yet. Don’t just visit Rio, experience it.

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