17 Mar Learningonline.xyz Continues to Next Gen its “Re-inventful Learning” At the Learning Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.

Learningonline.xyz gets up close with fellow edtech pioneers at the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo in Orlando, exploring new initiatives for its re-inventful learning approach.
Orlando17th March 2016 – Over 40% percent of global Fortune 500 companies use some form of educational technology for their employee training. Ownership of multiple mobile devices enables engaging, bite-sized content to be absorbed on the go, mapped to the way the brain loves to spark and revolutionizing knowledge retention. Learningonline.xyz, delivering re-inventful 24/7 learning globally, relishes the opportunity to talk “edsources” at the Learning Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL. March 16th-18th.


“We believe that everyone has the right to accessible, affordable learning that makes a real difference. Every day, we aim to create awesome, online 24/7 micros and courses that we love and hope our users love,” commented Ivan Vassiliev, VP Technology at learningonline.xyz.


“Learningonline.xyz is about achieving maximum benefits through minimal, useful input and we are constantly renewing our user experience to allow that to happen. From languages to IT and soft skills, our learning is about helping people do more and be more. This conference is always bang on for bringing innovators together to create, and it’s great to get right in there in the thick of it once again,” he added.

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