22 Aug Learningonline.xyz Launches Video-Based Language Learning for Global Companies

CUPERTINO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2016 — As companies become more accessible across the world, accelerating Global Mobility (a phenomenon on a high with employees eager to travel for work), the need for mobile employees is at an all-time increase (Forbes). Employee Mobility is almost a requirement for many job descriptions, with businesses seeking an internationally available workforce. According to the recent Forbes report, companies shouldn’t only ‘adapt’ to their international clients but also guarantee possible and effective communication with them in order to attain success, communication possible only through a common language. This, however, is hard to achieve during a schedule that’s ‘hectic’ and time that’s ‘unavailable’.

To counter the problems that come with traditional learning and development of employees on the move, many multinational companies are switching to providing e-learning for their workforces so as not to halt the process of growth and to avoid spiraling training costs. Learningonline.xyz is one such platform, providing a low cost, highly scalable, cultural connectivity ecosystem for companies and individuals across the world.

Sue Brett, C.E.O. of Learningonline.xyz commented, “Over 40% of learners prefer a combination of visual as well as textual learning. As videos will account for over 70% of all mobile traffic by 2021, our videos and microlearning language solutions provide a golden opportunity to offer really relevant cultural training at the very moment of need. International cultural intelligence and courses in over 160 languages, delivered the way we all love to get our info!”

Out of the many innovative tools that lead the e-learning trend, video-based learning is at the forefront. According to TrainingZone, it is estimated that almost 98% of organizations will incorporate video-based-learning as a part of their e-learning initiative by 2016.

“Every stat you look at clearly shows the power and importance that video-based learning holds today,” added Ms. Brett. “It’s the chosen choice of knowledge uploads of our generation and the only way to truly engage a workforce,” Sue added.