17 Oct Learningonline.xyz to Launch Cultural Intelligence Product as Part of its Commitment to Affordable Global Mobility

Learningonline.xyz to introduce courses that improve global mobility through cultural etiquette insights.

CUPERTINO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2016 — Language learning for work and business purposes is a growing topic and has also proven to be beneficial for expatriate mobility across the globe (Presbitero, 2016). Foreign language proficiency alone cannot aid successful global mobility. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is defined as an individual’s competency to efficiently grasp varied cultural concepts and situations (Earley & Ang). Understanding the traditions, norms, values, social etiquette and appropriate body language of a culture is just as vital as knowing its language of communication.

Learningonline.xyz’s addition of a new Cultural Intelligence product range is designed to provide cultural insights and enhance global mobility prospects, however, they are equally useful for multi-lingual teams working together and for social travelers. There are many actions or nuances that might be forbidden in one culture and be welcomed in another. Understanding the differences between culture and the factors that make it unique are important in order to build a healthy relationship with a country and its people, for individuals as well as businesses.

Sue Brett, CEO of Learningonline.xyz commented, “The objective behind adding the Cultural Intelligence course range to our Cudoo platform is to help avoid embarrassing cultural ‘faux pas’ when working or traveling abroad. The customs of different countries are fascinating, and often tied into each culture’s history and belief system. Treading sensitively is key to building relationships that cross borders. Cudoo’s cultural intelligence courses are not only effective but also extremely affordable as part of our language subscriptions, which means they work for business travelers and individuals alike.”

Communication through a common language is the first step of the successful foundation of any and every relationship, and cultural intelligence really helps to cement mutual understanding and trust. Cudoo.com is the perfect platform that delivers global mobility programs with a range of language and cultural intelligence courses that offer to learn anytime, anywhere and at affordable prices to help individuals and firms keep up with the rapid globalization today.

“Global Mobility has given a rise to individuals actively seeking language learning courses in order to better their adjustment to and understanding of the host country and its culture,” Sue added.