18 Dec Online Platform TestYourLanguage Offers Free Tests for Over 100 Languages

The latest launch from LearningOnline.xyz, provides online tests and quizzes allowing test-takers to gauge and act on language proficiency

Cupertino, California – 17 December 2019:

Language tests by TestYourLanguage.com is a free resource allowing learners to measure progress on their language acquisition journey. TestYourLanguage.com’s proficiency tests are adaptive and in line with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels which accurately determine one’s current proficiency level in reading, writing and listening. The tests are available for five languages; Arabic, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. The platform also offers 100+ language quizzes for individuals focused on just measuring vocabulary, the foundation for comprehension. The quizzes include English, Japanese, Russian as well as less common languages such as Icelandic, Maori, Lithuanian and everything in between, including Klingon from the hugely popular Star Trek franchise!

TestYourLanguage.com currently possesses the widest range of comprehensive language tests, with the ability to share results, all for free, making the platform unique. Test-takers will also have the opportunity to purchase a certificate for a small fee. Similar to other LearningOnline.xyz products, TestYourLanguage is associated with a strong social mission – when individuals opt for a certificate to showcase their language skills, a portion of the proceeds is donated towards educating those in need.

Ivan Vassiliev, CEO of LearningOnline.xyz commented: “From our decades of experience with teaching languages, we recognize how important it is for learners to identify and measure their linguistic strengths and weaknesses through tests. Test takers in many cases, have described TestYourLanguage as the motivation to continue pursuing language study, an area where many give up. Monitoring progress and tracking learning growth is a great reminder to students of just how far they’ve come and that they should keep going. Due to popular demand, we will soon expand our range of quizzes to include even more languages and dialects which will further support our cause of making education more accessible to those less fortunate.”

For more information on online language tests, visit https://testyourlanguage.com. To learn more about LearningOnline.xyz and its eLearning products visit https://learningonline.xyz.

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