18 Jul Statistics prove that French is here for the long run; no more a ‘dying’ language

CUPERTINO, CA – 07/18/2016 – According to a study by the French investment bank, Natixis, the most spoken language in world by 2050 would be French, over taking English and Mandarin, the top most spoken languages in the world today (reported by The Local). Organization of La Francophonie conducted researches to show that the number of French speaking people has increased by 25% between 2010 and 2014 reaching almost 274 million people in the world. Despite being the sixth most spoken language in the world today, French holds an official status in various organizations across the globe such as United Nations, European Union Court of Justice, International Olympic Committee, UNESCO, etc. Learning the French language will only become more vital with time and Cudoo.com is the best place to start before it’s too late!

www.cudoo.com provides online courses to learn French at the ease of your fingertips, updated with the latest developments in the language. Moreover, since it isn’t just spoken by French nationals but also by other EU countries with French as their official language (such as Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg), numerous nations in the African continent and many across North America (one of them being Canada), therefore totaling to 32 countries in the world, only second to English, learning even the basics can be highly beneficial!

Projections estimate that 750 million of the world’s population will be French speaking by 2050, proving that the language of the future could really be French. Cudoo gives you the chance to not just learn the language but test and refine it as you go along, making it a much more interactive and fun process than the traditional and tiring classroom method.

Sue Brett, CEO of Learningonline.xyz, commented that, “Cudoo aims to change the notion that learning a language is a monotonous task and therefore provides a thoroughly personalized and enjoyable platform, with games and quizzes, for subscribers to experience a unique way of learning. And the best part is that they can learn from the comfort of their home, day or night!”

From being an official language to being the one that the world might be the most fluent in, one doesn’t need more of a reason to learn French. Especially since Cudoo.com will make learning the language not just easy but fun too!


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